Blame It On Bad Luck

But Self-Pity is Meaningless

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My name is Amaris.

I guess that's pretty much it. I like movies and making graphics. I love pretty boys and nice teeth. I love chocolate and cake. Chocolate cake too.


wiki it

I can just imagine...after HP...we'll be reading romance novels on the book club - Nabs

AMA IS DUMB - Ama Herself

okay....the abuse I receive all because I love you! *farts in your general direction* - Ama

Sirius: KREACHER. What is that bulge?!
Kreacher: Master has no respect for Kreacher's privacy!
Kreacher: Uh...It is...my...house elf sex identifying part Master! Unlike Master, Kreacher has a very obvious one *scowls*
Sirius: *strangles*

Tucky is better than Bag. . . hehehe

LOL Bree, do you know if pygmy puffs...urinate?

i. .won't. . .be . . . . oppressed!

Ama:*points accusing finger* and I know what's in the oven
Bree:*raises hand* oo o ooo! um, i know this one. . . sticky buns?

I took a risk, and look at me!" <--- sees insane woman professor

Bree: cake? cake? *sniffs around* what kind?
Ama: vanilla
Bree: wait a minute wait a minute. . . just vanilla? or vanilla and PINEAPPLE
Ama: >.> no Vanilla with pineapple filling
Bree: because PINEAPPLE changes the whole dynamic here, folks! i pretty much worship pineapple and coconut. and mango. passion fruit is a lesser deity

Ama: *transfigures into a roach* *survives explosion* *has little ama roaches and takes over the world*

erikson's mood is irrelevent. he's evil.

hahaha denial. Hmm. It spreads like a virus.

Bucky's math isn't that great. . .

she's seducing housewares. .do you see the look she's giving it?

Nabs: I was just telling her how Armand woke up and tied Natasha to the bed while she was asleep and Bucky got horny
Ama: HAHAHA. liar
Nabs: its true!
Ama: it didn't go EXACTLY like that we were talking about grown up bucky and in fact I dont really remember right now but I'm sure it didn't happen in that order LOL

i refuse to join anything without 'adult material' promised. ..

aaaand, I see Tag in his prep talk to the All star students team: Our strategy is to hurt De Luca. You hurt her, you scare Blaylock, then you hurt Blaylock, and you scare Erikson...then you hurt Erikson. That's 3 out of 7.

I just love...Korean Dramas. LOL!
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